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Here is a list of frequently asked questions

Q. When will my product be delivered?

A. On the day of your delivery, your delivery driver will call you before 8:00am and give you a 2 hour window of when they will arrive

New! If your delivery is scheduled for today, click here to track your delivery.

Q. What is your delivery area?

A. Boulevard Home Furnishings is located in St. George, Utah with satellite stores in Mesquite, NV and soon in Cedar City, UT. We do not ship items that weigh more than 30 pounds outside of our local delivery area. Click here to view a map of our delivery area.

Q. Where can I make a payment on my Boulevard Account?

A. You can make a payment on your account and any of our locations. You can also pay your bill securely on our website by clicking this link: Pay Your Bill

Q. When is my payment due on my Boulevard Account?

A. Your payment is due each month by the 28th.

Q. Do you offer a Military discount?

A. We do offer special military, police & fire discounts during specific days to our countries service men and women. Sign-up for our email newsletter to be notified of those dates.

Q. Can I buy replacement water filters for my fridge at the BLVD?

A. Yes. We carry replacement water filters for most models. For those we don’t carry, we can usually have them ordered and here within just a few days.

Q. Do you offer an extended warranty on appliances?

A. Yes. We offer our 3 year or a 5 year Boulevard Performance Guarantee. Purchase Your Extended Warranty Here.

Q. How long is my product under manufacture warranty?

A. 1 year unless stated in warranty information provided by the manufacturer.

Q. How much is a service call fee for a technician?

A. $72.32 in our local areas

Q. I just got my new fridge and the water is trickling out of the water dispenser, is my water filter bad?

A. Do you have an RO system in your home? If so you do not need a water filter in your fridge you will need to purchase a bypass filter. We do not stock bypass filters but can order you one please contact the service department at 986-2915 If you do not have an RO system take out your water filter and reinstall it, if that doesn’t correct the water flow contact our service department @ 986-2915

If these did not answer your questions, please click below to chat live with one of our customer service representatives or click here to contact us.

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