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BedInABox at Boulevard Home Furnishings


Our memory foam mattress can help to ease muscle and joint pain, providing the comfort needed for deep sleep and good health.

A quality product is sometimes hard to find these days. At BedInABox we are confident that the mattresses we have spent the last few years developing with our suppliers is the absolute best we can offer. Our unique foam is innovative, durable, and performs better than older types of foam. We choose to use American suppliers to ensure efficacy, avoiding cheaper imported foam that is often inconsistently poured and unregulated. We have sent our products to independent labs to certify that they are skin friendly and do not contain harmful chemicals. They have been pressure mapped to ensure maximum comfort. Our pledge is to offer a quality product that can help improve the 1/3 of your life that is spent in bed, thus improving your overall well being and health- the real benefit of deep, restful sleep.
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